Dear Head Football Coach & Athletic Director:

The Snohomish County Football Officials Hall of Fame Committee is designed to promote football as an integral part of the educational process. With respect to this mission, we are enthusiastically preparing for our 40th Annual Scholarship campaign. In this forum, scholarships are awarded to stand-out student athletes in the greater Snohomish County area for use towards their future education. 

This communication is indented for you to identify your standout offensive and defensive player(s) for an opportunity to compete for a scholarship up to $3000. These scholarships can be used at a college or university of the recipient's choice. With only 54 potential nominees, a real possibility exists for one of your remarkable individuals to earn a scholarship this year. 

This year's nomination process could be a bit different in comparison to prior years, given the restrictions still us all. We may not be able to host a banquet, and will keep you updated as we learn more, but WILL still accept applications and award scholarships to those student athletes whom our selection committee identifies. 

Here are the criteria for selection of Scholar Athletes from your team (in order of importance):
1. The Scholar Athlete Nominee must be a senior
2. You may elect two nominees from your team- one offense, one defense
3. Nominees shall submit an application for consideration of an awarded scholarship based on the following weighted criteria:
a. Nominees shall display excellence in non-school related activities such as, but not limited to, community service and other off-campus contributions and awards [40%]
b. Nominees shall show high level of involvement in school activities [40%]
c. Nominees shall show academic performance (GPA) [10%]
d. Nominees shall show participation in High School Athletics [10%]

Given the non-standard conditions, please submit your nominees to scfoa.org/nominations where you will provide:
Name of nominee
Note offense or defense nomination
Contact for nominee – valid email and phone number
Parent/Guardian name
Please provide us your nominations by 10/31.
Nominee Applications will be accepted until 11/15.

Applications can be submitted online, and each nominee will be provided instructions via email.
The committee will accept hard copy submissions, although online application is encouraged. Hard copies must be post-marked by submission date and sent to:
Snohomish County Football Officials Hall of Fame
PO Box 557
Everett, Washington 98206

Please keep in mind that this committee looks to award scholarships to the athlete who embodies our mission of ‘Giving Back’. We encourage nominees to be those who are active and involved in their communities, lead or participate in their schools, give to others. While we all love the game of football, the best athletes or highest GPAs are not the important elements of consideration by the selection committee. The SCFOA HOF committee sincerely appreciates your support and cooperation. Please do not hesitate to direct any questions, comments, or concerns to hof@scfoa.org.