Community Service

Kings HS Ball Girl Awarded Referee Jersey
During the final week of the 2014 season SCFOA Officials awarded King's High School "Ball Girl" with their prestigious "Award of Excellence" for outstanding service and commitment to our association during her tenure at Kings.  Miqueala you will be missed.  Good luck in college.

Oso Fundraiser
In the Fall of 2014 SCFOA members present $2,700 to the Oso mud slide disaster relief fund on behalf of the entire SCFOA.

Pregnancy Resource Center - Fall 2007
On Sunday September 

30th and October 7th the officials of the Snohomish County Football Officials Association helped the Pregnancy Resource Center (RPC) of Everett in our 2007 Community Service project. 

We performed a multitude of interior detail projects with the cooperation of the officials and staff at the PRC. Thank you to all who participated and thank you to the PRC for letting us help fix up your building.  Official Scott Pattison, pictured below, is hard at work on the baby boutique door jam.

Everett Wheelchair Ramp - Summer 2006

Helping our community on the field is a small part of the community support SCFOA officials display annually.

This year building a wheel chair ramp, a new deck, a new sidewalk, a handicap parking pad and sprucing up the landscape for a homeowner with MS became our mission.

On August 4th and 5th, a team of SCFOA officials took over a small Everett home and did our version of an "Extreme Home Makeover."

The results were outstanding, and we left the project knowing that in a small way we've helped make a persons life just a little better.

Cocoon House - Spring 2005

Cocoon House is a 20-bed transitional living complex and program in Everett, serving older runaway youth in need of long term care. On-site services include mental health, drug and alcohol counseling, case management, and life skills training. Cocoon House provides around 5,000 bed nights to 60 youth (ages 14-17) annually. 

Unfortunately there are also a lot of kids that are turned away because of lack of facility space. If you would like to learn more about Cocoon House visit their website at

Cocoon House Work Crew
(Standing left to right) Greg Knox, Phil McDonald, Mike Cope, Jay Wilson,
Don O'Neal, Bob Zamora, Jeff Schireman, Scott Yanagida, Bill Miele, 
Dean Corcoran and Pat Seivers (Crouching left to right) Jim Park, 
Steve Wirth and Jeff Mattson (Not pictured) Ross Noe.

Thank you to the 15 guys who on Saturday May 14th, 2005 volunteered and transformed a run down grassy area into a beautiful patio recreational space.