SCFOA membership stands at over 100 in 2015 showed more than 100 members in good standing. Each one is dedicated to providing the best officiating possible to the young football players of Snohomish County. Several general membership meetings are held each season to improve the members' rules understanding and officiating capabilities. Apprentice training is held ever other Tuesday starting in late August concluding in October. Summer state clinics are also taught every year to insure that every new official will be successful at the end of a two year apprenticeship commitment.

All SCFOA members are proud of the service they provide to the athletic community of Snohomish County. They enjoy participating in the great sport of football and the camaraderie between association officials. If you feel you have the interest, skills, and time to dedicate to becoming an accomplished football official, see the "Join" page on this web site. We always are in search of dedicated new members.

If you would like to learn more about how to become an Snohomish County Football Official or read some of the FAQ's, see the "Become An Official" page on this web site.

All of your training & associated instruction guides; Mechanics Illustrated, NFHS Rules & Case books will be provided once you join the Snohomish County Football Officials Association and begin your internship.


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